“Yayıközü Mosque”

Architectural Conservation (Documentation, Restitution and Restoration) Project

Sivas, 2019-2020

It is located in Yayıközü Village in Zara District of Sivas Province. The mosque, which is made of rubble stone material, and where wooden beams are used, has a plan scheme with three naves extending perpendicular to the mihrab wall. The building is very plain in terms of decoration. However, the decoration is concentrated in certain parts of the building. The mihrab and minber are seen as the most striking elements of the building.

The Yayıközü Mosque is important in terms of its history and inscriptions, as well as being a village mosque in Sivas, as an example of mosques with wooden posts and ceilings built in Anatolia for centuries. Ensuring the continuity and re-using of the mosque, which is a valuable cultural heritage, has been the main purpose of the studies prepared. All work on the structure, which was measured with a 3D laser scanner and documented precisely, was carried out with precision by expert teams.