“Abdurrahman (Kumrulu) Masjid”

Architectural Conservation (Documentation, Restitution and Restoration) Project

İzmir, 2009-2010

Kumrulu Masjid, located in Konak District of Izmir Province, was built in 1756. The building has provided integrity with the architectural texture it is in and has preserved this until today.

Although the ornamental element was not used much in the Kumru Masjid, the window sills, writing panels hung on the walls of the sanctuary, and the plaster borders used in the mihrab gave the building a decorative feature. In the XVIII century, plaster decoration was used extensively in many mosques in İzmir, the plaster decoration used in the building also exceeded the building, and the plaster friezes circulating under the eaves added color to the exterior facades.

Transferring the values ​​of Kumrulu Masjid, one of the original examples of its period, to future generations has been the main goal of this project. Care has been taken to ensure that the proposed interventions do not impair the original values ​​and qualities of the building and make it difficult to perceive them.