“Engüzekkapı Castle”

Architectural Conservation (Documentation, Restitution and Restoration) Project

Erzurum, 2017-2018

The castle, located on a pointed rock mass, is still the symbol of the city of Uzundere today. Engüzekkapı Castle has a layered structure consisting of two different periods together in horizontal and vertical. At the same time, it is a very valuable document that reflects the physical, cultural, economic and social life of the periods in which it lived, and conveys these data concretely from past to present.

Integration and perception of the Castle and the area with the settlement is the basic principle of conservation in urban scale. In line with this principle, the structure was measured with a 3D laser scanner, documented precisely, and designed by working with expert teams. Conservation of building remains from different periods, revealing their lost values ​​and reusing them are the main decisions of the prepared projects.