“Hatuniye Mosque”

Architectural Conservation (Documentation, Restitution and Restoration) Project

Kütahya, 2016-2018

Hatuniye Mosque is a 16th century Ottoman monument located in the Mecidiye District of Kütahya. Hatuniye Mosque, which stands out with its high and elegant brick minaret made of cut stone. The main room with a single dome has the narthex covered with three domes and the Rabia Hatun Mausoleum, which is domed and slightly higher, to the west.

Transforming Hatuniye Mosque into a structure suitable for contemporary life and transferring its values ​​to future generations has been the main goal of the prepared conservation project. In line with this goal, taking into account that the building is a registered cultural heritage, a special sensitivity has been shown by working with experts in their fields and different professional groups at every stage of the project.